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Iowa Welcomes Professional Indoor Soccer Team

Lead by Head Coach and Players from National Team – Tickets On Sale Friday, October 13th

(Des Moines, IA) In a groundbreaking move that promises to transform the sports landscape in Iowa, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Iowa's very own Professional Indoor Soccer Team. The Iowa Demon Hawks are set to revolutionize the way Iowans experience the thrill of soccer with tickets on sale today for their season at the Buccaneers Arena at 7201 Hickman Road, Urbandale.

The Iowa Demon Hawks will bring together exceptional soccer talent from all over the world with their head coach and three players in the major league that will be playing in the World Soccer Cup in Dubai. With a focus on community engagement, and a commitment to fostering local talent, Iowa Demon Hawks aims to elevate the level of indoor soccer in Iowa and provide an exciting platform for players and fans alike.

Iowa Demon Hawks, Iowa’s Professional Indoor Soccer Team will promise high-quality competition showcasing top-tier talent, featuring skilled athletes from across the world and Iowa, competing in fast-paced and exhilarating indoor soccer matches with matches offering a family-friendly atmosphere, encouraging fans of all ages to come together and enjoy the thrill of live soccer action

Entertainment Beyond Soccer with events that will feature exciting halftime shows, fan interactions, and special themed nights, ensuring that attendees have a memorable experience beyond the soccer matches.

The Iowa Demon Hawks are enthusiastic about the potential of this venture and are actively seeking support from local businesses, sponsors, and soccer enthusiasts to ensure the team's success. Interested parties are encouraged to get involved and be part of this thrilling journey.

"We are incredibly excited to introduce Iowa's Professional Indoor Soccer Team to the community," said Darwin Salas, President & Owner, Iowa Demon Hawks. "This team represents a significant milestone for soccer in Iowa, and we are confident that it will captivate the hearts of sports fans across the state. We invite everyone to join us in this exciting venture and help us create a vibrant soccer culture in Iowa"

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